Hello from Glastonbury!!



The Park Stage

Hey kids, it’s that time of year again where Worthy Farm transforms into the mecca for a hundred and fifty thousand hippies, ravers, indie kids and… well, just about every category of person you can think of. As of 10 o’clock yesterday morning, there are 85,000 people on site, 279 of which have had medical treatment (one of which was a man climbing a flag mast which snapped whilst he was up it), and one of which was arrested. He a bad man.


So, this is the first Glastonbury update for y’all. I’ve been down here since last night, eagerly awaiting my intrepid snapper who will be joining later this evening. I have to admit, since I got here it’s all pretty much gone by the book; I’ve covered about twenty miles on foot, bought a gallon of industrial strength cider from a local farm, spent half my festival budget on one burger, lost my phone, and been rained on far too much for my optimum moisture levels. 


Yesterday involved more walking, a road trip to the town of Street (for a new phone), and waiting for the press tent’s wi-fi connection to get me on to the interweb. Well, it’s working now as you can see, thought I’d say a quick hello, the festival has just started, we’re missing Kate Nash but that’s okay, we’ll live. Off to see Be Your Own Pet now, we’ll keep you in the loop.


Stay safe, stay sound, stay at home, shut the curtains and stay tuned.


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