Q: Where can you find Shitdisco, Art Brut, Micachu, Capitol K and Unititled Musical Project under the same roof? A: THE FENCHURCH BEAT HAPPENING BASH!

Beat Happening, as you will probably already be aware, is the finest music magazine in London. And Fenchurch is the coolest streetwear label – so we joined forces, to double our score in the cool stakes, and to bring you a night of the innovative music, fun and frolics! With pretty much the best indie line up in the whole of London, the Fenchurch Beat Happening Bash promises to rock Camden all the way to hell (and back), with a mouth-watering line up at the Monarch on Saturday, 30th August.

Behind the wheels of steel are ironic indie-punk upstarts Art Brut. You should be familiar with them from their singles ‘Emily Kane’ and ‘Formed a Band’. if you’re not, don’t worry about it, just check them out at http://www.myspace.com/artbrut – you can expect them to spinning all manner of post-punk, glam rock and indie dancefloor-fillers. In the opposite corner, behind the decks, are Shitdisco; having risen to prominence as part of the new-rave scene that spawned the likes of Klaxons and Datarock, they’ve had a busy summer playing sell-out DJ sets all over Europe. And next Saturday night, they’ll be with us at the Fenchurch Beat Happening Bash, providing electro and disco-punk numbers to mash your head up all the way to Ravesborough and back down to London via Glo-Stickshire. Or something like that. 

Our live line up is looking pretty slick too, it must be said – opening up is Capitol K, the London-based ambient electro whizzkid. With glistening synth sounds and carefully-crafted layers of guitar, he truly is one of the finest (and criminally under-celebrated) songwriters in Britain. Following Capitol K are Micachu & The Shapes, whose oddball urban-folk-pop has seen Beat Happening drooling over the sheer wit and innovation that Mica Levi brings to her songwriting, and won them plaudits from the likes of Bat For Lashes and Bjork, who claim to be fans. Completing the bill are Untitled Musical Project, four noisy grunge upstarts from Birmingham, who you can expect to be making enough of a racket to get you in the mood for a spot of jumping around like a dick.

It’s gonna be a bit ruddy special, so we advise you to come. There literally is nothing better to do.

On a final note, everyone in will be entered into a Fenchurch tombola, in which you can win some snazzy new Fenchurch gear! Howzabowzabout that?

Fenchurch Beat Happening Bash

Saturday 30th August 7.30pm – late

The Monarch, Chalk Farm Rd, Camden

Entry: £6 on the door









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