Beat Happening Issue Four Lands!



We here at Beat Towers have issues. Four of them to be precise; in a world where the likes of Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers and Northern Rock are collapsing, it’s a miracle that little old Beat Happening is still alive, like a humble cockroach getting on with its business in the  midst of a nuclear war.


Issue four arrives officially on Monday 24th November (check the stockist page to find out where), although you can get a sneak preview here from Sunday 23rd, or if you venture down to Brick Lane, you will find some early editions in Rough Trade East.


This issue contains a just incredibly frank interview with Deerhunter, as well as a surprisingly insightful interview with Andrew WK, and some great interviews with Mogwai, Shitdisco, Deerhoof and El Guincho, and The Spinto Band – we also have the low-down on Bestival, Nail the Cross, Jersey Live and Branchage Film Festival, and the capital’s coolest gigs past and future.


Enjoy folks, roll on Issue Five!










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