Interested in advertising in Beat Happening? Here’s a bit more info about the magazine…

Issue 1The magazine is aimed at people aged between 17 – 30, who have no immediate financial commitments, and usually have a disposable amount of money each month that is spent on records, musical equipment, and attending gigs; many of our readers and artists, DJ’s or are otherwise involved in London’s music scene.

Beat Happening is a free publication, and will be distributed around pubs, clubs, music venues, cafes and record shops, as well as the colleges and universities throughout London. The magazine will be distributed outside major musical events, ensuring that it makes its way into people’s hands, and not just left in the dark corners of bars! One venue that we have an arrangement with is the Water Rats in Kings Cross, which has a weekly turnover of 2,500 people, each of which will be given a copy of Beat Happening.

We also plan to increase distribution for major festivals, and hope to distribute the magazine on public transport taking people to the event. Whilst this may be smaller festivals at first, we hope to hit the larger events further down the line, so if you would like your business to be associated with the biggest festivals in the UK, hop on board now!

As well as distributing in venues around London, we will be offering subscription to the magazine from our website, for the cost of postage and packaging.

The magazine has a run of 10,000, and as many of the readers are students and/or live in house shares, and many readers will pick it up in bars and put it back for others to read, one can conservatively estimate that the magazine will be read by up to at least three times that amount. With your business potentially reaching 30,000 people, advertising with us would be a sound investment!

For more information, including rates, please contact, or telephone 07753 203353. For enquiries about sponsoring our club nights, please contact